Marshmallow blow guns are safe and fun for boys and girls of all ages. Even dads will enjoy 9mm bulk Ammunition . A marshmallow gun or shooter is a terrific Christmas, birthday, or anytime gift.

The first marshmallow blow gun I ever received was at a birthday party. We played �Capture the Flag� with marshmallow guns. After the party, we all received a marshmallow gun for a party favor.

If you want to know how to build and shoot a marshmallow gun, the plans are below. Learning how to build and shoot a Marshmallow Gun without plans can be
tricky, so we are giving the Marshmallow Gun-Shooter Plans to you for free!

Building the Marshmallow Gun

1. Buy 1/2 inch PVC pipe, 2 PVC elbows, 2 PVC T�s, 2 PVC end caps, spray paint, marshmallows (ammo)
2. Cut your PVC pipe however long you want the barrel.
3. Cut four pieces of PVC pipe 1/3 of the barrel, two for the handles and two for connecting pieces of PVC pipe together. Cut one piece 1/3 of your handles. Cut tne more piece of PVC pipe 1/2 of your barrel.
3. Get two T�s, two elbows, and two caps. Place the smallest piece of PVC pipe in between the two T�s. Now put two of the PVC pipe (1/3 size of the barrel) on top and bottom of the T�s. Place a cap on the bottom PVC pipe and an elbow on
the top PVC pipe. Put the barrel in the t that�s PVC pipe has a cap on the end of it.
4. Now, place the PVC pipe that is 1/2 of the barrel on your elbow. Put a PVC pipe (1/3 size of the barrel) in the other t. Place an elbow on the end of your PVC pipe that is 1/3 size of your barrel.
5. Place the last PVC pipe (that is 1/3 the size of the barrel) on the T. Place the last cap on the PVC pipe that is a 1/3 size of the barrel.
6. Now that the pieces are all put together start spray painting the marshmellow
gun. The marshmallow gun can have designs. If you want designs, cut shapes out on a piece of paper, and spray paint through the paper on to the marshmallow gun.
7. Let dry overnight.

As a side note, you will have leftover materials since PVC only comes in ten foot lengths. Cutting the PVC may be a hassle, as well as painting the gun which
takes awhile. Some people choose to buy these guns completely made since you can find them online at inexpensive prices.

Shooting the Marshallow Gun
First, put a marshmallow in the beginning of the nozzle, the top piece. Do not put it in the barrel. Then blow one big breath of air, not a long weak breath. The bigger and harder the breath, the farther the marshmallow will go. To have even more fun, meet your friends at the park and have a really big marshmallow gun war.

Since you know how to build and shoot a marshmallow gun or shooter, run out to the store and buy your supplies. Before you know it, you will be shooting marshmallows with your own gun.

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