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Mobile phones, do you really want to be available all the time?

Do you really want to be available to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? What I mean? A famous person once said that the more available you are; Besides, everyone expects you to be available. People will really get upset if you are not immediately and constantly available instead of being happy when you call.

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People who expect you to be available all the time can be annoying. Mobile phone calls follow you wherever you are, including your bathroom. Even at night when you want to rest, mobile phones keep ringing and bothering you. If it is important, no problem, but if it is very humble, why do they have to be bothered so late?

Today in this modern society, we live and the proliferation of cell phones we see people talking everywhere and everywhere. If used for business, it could be very effective and valuable. However, for very humble problems, being disturbed during sleep and even while bathing can be quite annoying, if not downright disgusting. However, if you are available all the time, you have created your own nightmare.

Cell phone etiquette is becoming a forgotten concept. You will see people talking loudly on the phone and disturbing nearby people in restaurants and even offices. I’m sure by now, once or twice in a meeting, you will notice that when a cell phone rings, almost everyone around you will immediately reach for their cell phone. If you were talking and then the person in front of you talks on the phone, how would you feel? I’m sure you will feel belittled and ignored. Rude practice, and it should be changed.

It can help people who use cell phones to follow a certain degree of etiquette regarding the use of cell phones, especially in places where it might seem impolite to use them or even when your cell phone rings.

When you are in a place of worship, you may have to leave your mobile at home or at least turn it off if you don’t want to leave. This is because the ringing phone will not only disturb you while you are praying, but it will also disturb others. No need to display your expensive device in a place of worship.

During meetings, turn off your mobile phone; It is rude to ring the phone while someone is talking. Interruption can cause problems, especially when the meeting deals with extremely important matters. However, if you are expecting an extremely important call, you can use your cell phone’s vibrate mode to alert you when a call comes in and leave the meeting if you need to answer the call. You can also inform anyone you call that you are in a meeting and cannot be disturbed.

When you are traveling and on board an airplane, you will be asked to turn off your phone. This is because electronic devices can interfere with the aircraft’s avionics. Therefore, you must turn off the phone for security reasons. However, for extremely long flights, airlines allow the use of mobile phones at a certain time, if you really need to make a phone call, use this allotted time if necessary.

The mobile phone has become a necessity nowadays, which is why most of the people use it and the mobile phone manufacturers are continuously developing different uses and functions for this little device. Be globally competitive, but you must understand that being rude is not part of modernity. Follow a certain degree of etiquette; this will be very useful for you and your business.

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