There Are Some Great Games To Play At Your Next Bridal Shower


A shower can dump the bride’s work friends along with her hometown friends and a handful of relatives, and these groups probably don’t know each other, but an ice pick can bring them together (of course, some frozen bottles of Veuve Clicquot).

Marriage Green Card

So your guest list is a hodgepodge of ages, origins, tastes, and styles, here are some blue games that will get your shower off to a flying start.

Bachelorette party bingo

One of the most popular is, of course, Bachelorette Bingo. To play this game, imagine a list of words for each bingo card that relates to weddings, wedding gifts, the bride herself, or romance. For the cards themselves, design a grid of squares in your favorite desktop editor, placing each word or phrase in its own square. Make the central square “free” (you are generous this way). Or just grab some of those free printable wedding bingo cards from the internet.

Give each guest their own card. Or, if you really want to bring the icebreaker effect home, ask two guests to share one.

Then print your word selection with enough letter spacing so that you can cut the paper into strips and throw them away.

Finally, ask the hostess to act as the person she calls. He will take the words out of the basket and call them out. Once a player gets a full line of delimited words, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, he calls out “Bingo” (or “Girlfriend”) in exchange for a prize.

Uncool, you say? Would Angelina Jolie ever get caught dead playing bachelorette party bingo? Maybe, but you’d be surprised how jiggy things get when you turn up the music and start saying those words. There’s a reason hundreds of people flock to bingo halls on a weekly basis – it’s insanely fun. Let the anthropologists wonder why and that’s it.

Bingo Redux

One of the funniest variations of Bridal Shower Bingo is to give guests blank cards and have them fill in predictions of the gifts the bride will receive.

Or, for another twist, fill your cards with song titles related to love and romance, then play 10-second snippets from a CD you’ve mastered beforehand. This offers your guests the double challenge of identifying what they are listening to and removing the headlines. Choose a sweet combination of Starbucks-y Cole Porter, Diana Krall, Ray Charles, and dark tunes from the Beatles. It is fun and interesting.

Kiss George Clooney

You could also “kiss the boyfriend”, but why not kiss George Clooney instead?

Grab a sturdy board and pick up a matching men’s shirt and pants at the thrift store. Draw the hands and shoes and paste a full-size print of George Clooney’s striking face. Ask each guest to apply a healthy dose of lipstick. Now blindfold him, turn him over three times and make him try to kiss George Clooney on the lips. The closest kisser wins a prize (how about a cheap autographed photo by the man himself? Try eBay). The rest come to dream.

Lottery tickets

Quick and easy, not too expensive and who knows? Someone might come home with special memories … to their new penthouse suite. Could occur!

Purse chase

Or try a treasure hunt, through a bag. In this, you give your guests a list of things that you could find in a bag. Guests mark items for points while hunting in their bag. Expected items (aspirin, cosmetics, mints) should score a few points. Award higher points for odd items (small bottles of air liquor, a cereal bar, crochet hooks, a Canadian coin). Award really high points for random items that may appear in a bag (a rock, toilet paper, toothpicks).

If that all sounds too complicated, weigh each bag and award a prize to the heaviest bag, as a gift certificate to an orthopedic specialist probably won’t fit your budget.

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